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[半夜三更]Flying Without Wings - Westlife

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Flying without wings

Everybody's looking for that something每个人都在寻找
One thing that makes it all complete让生命完整的奇迹
You find it in the strangets places你在最奇特的地方找到她
Places you never thought it could be是你永远想象不到的地方
Some find it in the faces of their chidlren有人在孩子天真的脸上找到了
Some find it in their lovers eyes有些事在爱人的眼眸中
Who can deny the joy it brings谁能否认那种快乐
When you find that special thing当你找到那特别的东西
You're flying without wings你展翅高飞

Some find it sharing every morning有人在每个清晨与人共享
Some in their solitary lives有人在孑然一身的日子里
You find it in the words of others你在别人的言语中发现
A simple line can make you laugh or cry一条简单的直线会令你笑或哭
You find it in the deepest friendships你在最深的友谊中发现
The kind you cherish all your life那种情感你永远珍藏
And when you know how much that means当你明了那感情的珍贵时
You've found that special thing你已经找到那特殊的东西
You're flying without wings你展翅高飞
So impossible as it may seem尽管看起来难以置信
You've got to fight for every dream但你却必须为每一个梦想奋斗
'Cause who's to know因为知道有谁
Which one you let go你放弃哪一个
Would have made you complete原本会让你更完整
Well for me it's waking up beside you在你身旁醒来
To watch the sunrise on your face看见阳光洒在你脸上
To know that I can say I love you那就是我在说我爱你
At any given time or place不论在何时何地
It's little things that only I know这是我唯一知道的
Those are the things that make you mine这些让你归属我的事
And it's like flying without wings就如同展翅高飞
'Cause you're my special thing因为你对我而言是最特别
I'm flying without wings我展翅高飞
You're the place my life begins你是我生命的开始
And you'll be where it ends也是我生命的尽头
I'm flying without wings我展翅高飞
And that's the joy you bring这是你带来的快乐
I'm flying without wings我展翅高飞

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